Abatron gif

Abatron – Alpha Demo Download

That big flying ship with the moving tentacle head-thing that builds your base looks awesome! Abatron is a real-time strategy and also a first/third person shooter hybrid that combines elements from each genre to provide you with tactical and action-packed experience, satisfying both types of players at the same time. There’s also a little big […]

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Guardians of Atlas gif

Guardians of Atlas – Open Alpha Download

Every guardian is guarding something, and in this game’s case it’s an atlas. Guardians of Atlas is a free-to-play top-down online multiplayer RTS and MOBA hybrid or a “army battler”, set in an arena style match that’s hero-focused and with individual unit control, playing against other players or AI-opponents/bots. strategize and take action as you manage your […]

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Dropzone gif

Dropzone – Beta Sign-Up

The game kind of looks like a pretty awesome high-quality game-show. Dropzone is a top-down real-time strategy action game where players fight and compete against each other in 15-minutes of intense battle, with each player controlling highly customizable combat robots titled Rigs. Your objective is to collect energy resources and upload them at the map’s central Uplink, […]

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