iDracula: Genesis – Beta Sign-Up

News came out that iDracula: Genesis is accepting beta sign ups! A top-down isometric roguelike twin-stick shooter that’s set in a combined universe of magic and “post-apocalyptic ultra-modern weapons and device” which, well I don’t know what’s going with that universe but it looks great as far as I can tell. The game’s main shtick […]

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Dead Cells gif

Dead Cells – Beta Sign-Up

It’s an action adventure platformer, a roguelike and inspired by castlevania with a fantastic pixel art style, Dead Cells is the game a lot of you have been waiting for to beta test and have fun breaking it. The developers are looking for some tough players to give the game a test-drive of a very […]

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Soulblight gif

Soulblight – Alpha Sign-Up

Die, change, repeat. Die, change, repeat. Soulblight is a 2D top-down action adventure roguelike RPG that’s set in a dark shattered reality. A game that throws away generic RPG systems and introduces its unique “Taint System” where, for example, you become an alcoholic and be rewarded with benefits, but being somber might become something that […]

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Badass Hero – Alpha Access

Congrats, you’re now the star of your own comic book! Super cool, however, you’ve kind of been bumped off the scene by some rather malicious beings, and it’s time to take back your title as Badass Hero. This 2D platformer action roguelite drops players in a panel-by-panel comic universe where the levels are randomly arranged. […]

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