Rym 9000 – Beta Demo Download

We don’t know what’s happening. We’re moving around and shooting then suddenly we’re dead. Rym 9000 is a 2D hyperkinetic vertical arcade shooter where it’s specifically designed to make your eyes project glitched rainbows. The game has a very unique pixel art style and how it’s presented. You take control of a flight craft going […]

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STARR MAZER: DSP – Pre-Beta Access

asdas. Starr Mazer: DSP is a 2D side-scrolling shoot’em up (or shmup) where you take control of a squadron of ‘DSP’ pilots, with each and every one of them having their own different ships, weapon loadouts and character/voices/personality. What’s really nice about the game aside from its lovely pixel art style, great soundtrack is its […]

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Flatshot gif

Flatshot – Beta Demo Download

Fall flat on your face and it’s game over. Flatshot is a 2D free-to-play arcade bullet-hell shooter with a very simple yet beautiful visual design  that also complements the gameplay design, adding more fun and interesting encounters. Aside from its minimalistic design and engaging soundtrack, you’ll be provided with continuous boss fights with diverse set of […]

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Skychasers Gif

Beta Gameplay Footage of Skychasers

Gameplay footage of the story-driven 2D arcade shmup Skychasers has been released. Currently in beta, the video is showcasing a boss-fight between the fighter (the player) and what looks like a very powerful and huge tank, set in a lovely growing city. Check the game’s tigsource devlog page for more information.

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