Skelattack gif

Skelattack – Beta Demo Download

It’s not easy being the what we call and assume are monsters. Skelattack is a 2D action adventure side-scrolling platformer where you play as an enchanted skeleton who’s trying to defend his home from invading adventurers/heroes that are raiding his dungeon to steal all their loot! Nice fun looking visuals and animations, simple and easy controls with […]

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Demon Peak gif

Demon Peak – Beta Download

One day we’ll all have badass long hair so we can fight demons. Demon Peak is a 2D side-scrolling action adventure platformer that’s inspired by classic Metroidvania games, where you play as what looks like a badass demonic samurai warrior exploring a mountain to uncover its mysteries. Aside from looking at the game’s beautiful pixel […]

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GODHOOD – Alpha Demo Download

Never meet your heroes, unless they’re evil and give you immense power. GODHOOD is a 2D side-scrolling rhythm-based hack’n’slash brawler, where you beat up demons by preforming combos to the rhythm of the music with your new found demon powers. These new powers comes from a demon coming to life from a writers work, this demon’s name […]

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