Everspace – Beta Access

It’s not so bad in space, dying over and over again if it looks this gorgeous. Everspace is a first/third person sci-fi single-player space shooter with roguelike elements, with the focus of upgrading your ship. A challenging game with smooth controls and nice progression, incredibly gorgeous visuals with a nicely crafted universe, and lastly a […]

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Outward gify

Outward – Beta Sign-Up

We can’t wait to get knocked out and, get fully looted then thrown into the woods to die. Outward is a challenging third-person action adventure role-playing fantasy game with a lot of interesting features and gameplay mechanics, that we won’t do it justice informing you of it but we’ll try. What we came to understand […]

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Honey Rose UFE gif

Honey Rose: UFE – Beta Demo Download

When you have something you’re passionate about, excel in it while maintaining your other activities. Honey Rose: UFE is a 2D ‘life-management simulator’ that’s interestingly presented as both a visual novel that’s based around your choices/decisions, and a beat’em-up where you go head to head with other wrestlers. Enjoy the game’s beautiful art style and […]

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