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Safe Not Safe – Prototype Sign-Up

Safe Not Safe by Wiseman Softworks has opened up sign-ups for its upcoming prototype tests. A third person rogue-lite infiltration game where your mission is to infiltrate huge levels, find where the heavily guarded safe is, crack it open and loot what’s inside, then trying to escape alive. With multiple play-styles from stealth to action […]

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Yandere Simulator Published by tinyBuild

Recently, there was a new video uploaded to Yandere Dev’s youtube channel and a new press-release post on tinyBuild’s website declaring the partnership of the two. tinyBuild joined Yandere Dev to help with the creation of Yandere Simulator. Both the video and the post give information as to what they will be doing in the near future […]

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Mr. Shifty – Open Beta Download

After a some closed testing here and there, and a few streamers and youtubers getting a go at it, Mr. Shifty, a top-down fast-paced action adventure stealth game, just went into open beta and is available play right now! And it was announced so suddenly with a random casual tweet. Enjoy being a super powerful […]

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