Enigma Prison gif

Enigma Prison – Beta Demo Download

It’s not fun being in a prison, but better to work your mind out and do something instead of just sitting and waiting. Enigma Prison is a beautiful first person adventure puzzle platformer where you explore a scientific facility as you try and uncover its secrets, and you’ll be using  four unique tools with different mechanics […]

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N++ gif

N++ – Beta Sign-Up [PC]

It’s coming to PC and it’s proud of it! N++ is a fast-paced 2D parkour action puzzle platformer that’s set in the future, where you play as an acrobatic ninja doing ninja stuff like passing through obstacles, dodging attacks from homicidal robots and collecting gold. With a beautiful and simple minimalistic art style, you’ll enjoy the game’s […]

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House of the Dying Sun gif

House of the Dying Sun – Beta Access

A handful of fighters can do so much let alone one, yet over the years we didn’t even give them a chance until now. House of the Dying Sun is a tactical space first person shooter where you take control of a dying empire’s interceptors and placed in its cockpit as you complete missions ranging from escorting missions […]

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Parkitect gif

Parkitect – Alpha Access

Gotta get someone to clean that vomit. Parkitect is a top-down theme park building and management game with simple controls, objectives and overall design but can be very complex depending on how you want it to be. A game for both casual and hardcare fans to enjoy as it holds the same soul and charm of […]

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Seraph gif

Seraph – Alpha Access

Dance like the wind! Seraph is a 2D action adventure platforming acrobatic shooter, where you play as an angel who lost her powers, out to restore it by killing demons that manifested in her realm by consuming her power. What’s unique about this game is that you keep on moving and jumping trying not to […]

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