Insidia gif beta sign-up

Insidia – Beta Sign-Up

Bad Seed announced and open up closed beta registration for their upcoming game Insidia, a top-down free-to-play online multiplayer turn-based tactical/strategy game, where you with your team of four champions go up against another enemy player with their own team. The twist the game offer is that every turn is your turn, like the system […]

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Before – Beta Sign-Up

Before, a pre-historic survival game guiding your tribe through challenges presented by the harsh environment. There isn’t much known about the game at the moment, but there are a lot of beautiful footage and screenshots of it. The most interesting thing about it is its low-poly visuals, beautiful landscapes and alluring character designs. If I […]

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Halen – Open Beta Download

I recently just realized that if you take the name of a job or an object and put ‘space’ on the front of it, you either sound really silly or make the coolest thing ever. Space cop and space gun – cool. Space entrepreneur and space catalog – silly. Space theif and space sword – super awesome. In SkyPyre’s […]

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