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Battlezone – Beta Sign-Up [PC]

I’ve known about the high probability that Battlezone would be released on PC when before they had announced the platform/s they’d release on, by digging up info from its website and chatting with the team behind it, but I didn’t know when it would come until now. It’s announced that the game will be coming to the PC platform […]

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Grapply – Alpha Download

We don’t have a an HTC Vive VR device, but we definitely want one for this! Grapply is a first person racing game where you race against other AI opponents, pulling yourself through a level using your energy grapples (your two Vive controllers). So to sum it up nicely it’s a VR spiderman racing game and […]

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Klepto – Beta Sign-Up

Ever wanted to rob a house, will all of its technicalities? Well check out Klepto, a first/third person sandbox burglary simulation game, where you play as a criminal who wants to rob houses and trying to get away with his/her crimes. The game will feature a progression system with three levels of to achieve from […]

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