Foxhole gif

Foxhole – Prototype Download

If there’re shoots being fired around you, better make a whole on the ground and jump in it! Foxhole is a top-down massive multiplayer online shooter where you and hundreds of other players battle in war, collaborating with each other as you take strategic and tactical actions in order to win. Enjoy the game’s dedication to bring […]

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Cossacks 3 gif

Cossacks 3 – Beta Sign-Up

To war! Cossacks 3 is a top-down real-time historical strategy game where battles are taking place in the 17th-18th centuries, a modern remake of the original Cossacks game with overhauled mechanics and battles that support up 10,000 units. The game will provide you with 12 nations to choose and play with, historical campaigns, a random map […]

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Total War Arena Gif

Total War: Arena – Alpha Sign-Up

Total War: Arena is a top-down free-to-play team-based online multiplayer real-time strategy game, where you and other players engage an in all out war. A spin-off side game from the Total War Series. For a F2P game it looks great! After choosing the faction you desire to command with three units of warriors to control, you’ll […]

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