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The Great Whale Road – Alpha Access

Survive the harsh world and keep moving forward. The Great Whale Road is a 2D story-driven role-player adventure game with turn-based tactical combat, where you lead a medieval clan to enjoy life and to partake in its riches, going up against nature and battling those who try dare try to harm you, and overcoming any obstacle in your way to achieve your goals.

Aside from feeding your eyes with the game’s beautiful art style, you’ll enjoy the game’s story and adventure as you manage your clan to survive each year by assigning work roles for your people, assembling a group and preparing resource to go on voyages to other towns and villages to complete missions, all the while engaging in combat for the glory of Valhalla!

The game is gorgeous the your journey as the leader through it is a satisfy  venture. The game has many layers to go through but presented in a simple manner with a clear and lovely UI as well as easy (not too easy though) to understand steps that’ll let you process what the game can offer you.

Get alpha access with the full game here.

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