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The Wild Eight – Pre-Alpha Demo Download

It’s so cold out there! The Wild Eight is a top-down plot-driven 8-player cooperative survival game with a procedurally generated world that’s set in the forests of Alaska with a lot of mystery in it.

You crash landed in said region with other survivors (can be played in single-player) with an objective to survival as long as possible while waiting for rescue. While this is a cooperative game, you yourself need to survive and the others think the same way, so you and the other survivors might turn on each other to survive and work together. Who knows what’ll happen and that’s the core element the game wants to deliver.

You’ll be playing in a single-player experience regarding this demo, showcasing the basics of what you’ll be doing in the game from building a shelter, keeping yourself from dying by taking care of yourself and run or fend off beasts, and progressing through the story. It’s a pretty cool game that delivers a unique experience like no other in the genre, at least non that we know of.

Download the pre-alpha demo here.


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