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Tower of Archeos – Beta Download

Climbing a tower has always been a symbol of aspiration in so many games, movies and books. Tower of Archeos is a 2D adventure game with a charming pixel art style where you Climb the tower of archeos and kill the evil sorcerer that reside at the top of it, fighting your way through hundreds of enemy monsters of course.

The game’s core gameplay mechanic is like those bubble games where you pop a set of two more bubbles, and the bigger the stack of bubbles you pop the higher score you’ll get, but Tower of Archeos took that idea and advanced it in a way that it’s a sort of adventure RPG, and instead of bubbles there’s monsters.

As you find groups of monsters to strike and get rid of them, you’ll get damaged every time you do so and lose health, so taking care consideration on how many you want to take on, get points and acquiring the key to open the gate to the next level, leveling up and increasing the number of adventurers. A game that’s very unique and we’d wager that it’s the next major leap for this type of game.

Download the beta build here.

Side note: Tower of Archeos doesn’t have any awesome music yet fitting for the game, so if you’re a music composer who’d like to provide some amazing tracks for the game then contact the developer.

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