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Trailmakers – Alpha Sign-Up

There’s something big happening in the upcoming social-construction game Trailmakers, and it starts with a few basic building blocks, literally. The core of the gameplay is centered around constructing your own vehicles out of tons of different parts. If there’s a method of mobility, you can craft it whether it’s a set of legs or 18 wheels. The game gives players the tools to create a vast amount of machines, I’m particularly fond of the scary giant stick bug, that looks fun. You can even build some crafts and race your friends, or just hit the desert in search of the hidden oasis. The game world in Trailmakers is your playground, build and test your machines or search through the mountains, swamps and barren lands.

The goal is to expand upon a social game genre that encourages creativity and sharing it with others. The team at Fashbulb Games is developing a multitude of propulsion systems that allow for a countless amount of combinations. The aim is to allow players to make different types of vehicles that can traverse every part of an ecosystem. From amphibious vehicles to aviation, there’s a spectrum in between so that anything you can think of, you can build it. Not quite sure what lies in wait at the oasis, or why we’re looking for it, but maybe we can find out in the alpha by signing up! Maybe there’s just a nice pool and like, two palm trees, or maybe it’s a robot sanctuary, who knows!? If we’re gonna get there, we can tie some balloons onto a frog robot or make a giant flamingo, that would be nice.

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