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Twist of Destiny – Alpha Demo Download

The world is a dangerous and beautiful place. The same planet that gives us life, also breeds the tools of our very demise. A delicious tomato, washed and diced, makes a great topping for a salad. An evil tomato, filthy and bearing teeth can bite you until your HP reaches 0 and you die. Such is the circle of life in Twist of Destiny, an odd RPG full of danger and excitement at every turn. Rolling into town, the player character will meet the sheriff who assigns their first quest, kill those SOB tomatoes outside of town. Before your quest however, you have the option to speak with any of the town’s many citizens. Each NPC has a unique personality, and the game’s humor is ever-present from the character names to the dialogue. Even the grand scope of the entire concept of this game is slightly hysterical, and at the same time takes itself seriously as a classic turn-based RPG with all the gameplay elements you know and love.

The Twist of Destiny alpha has a good play life, lasting for hours if you allow yourself to be immersed by this weird land. Take on assignments from Sheriff Ashley (who looks like a disturbed Alucard from Hellsing) or gather some ketchup for Nooni’s delicious recipe (it’s probably fried ketchup drizzled with ketchup) and get some pesos and apples as a reward. What else could you possibly want in life as an adventurer? How about recruiting party members to help out with your whacko quests? Nothing like cutting homicidal tomatoes with a wooden sword while having a friend along as accessory to fruit murder (tomatoes are fruits, right?). Twist of Destiny gets weird, and takes no crap, and it’s running a Steam Greenlight Campaign right now. The alpha linked below serves as the early access version of the game. There are so many more features left to discover in TOD, and to keep them a surprise, this article mostly covered the tomato aspect, which is not actually the core focus of the game, this was a ruse. Now get out there and cut some tomatoes (among other things).

Download the alpha demo here.

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