Pixel Cup Soccer 17 gif

Pixel Cup Soccer 17 – Beta Access

Life is like playing football, there are many obstacles to pass through for you to have a clear chance to shoot and gain success. Pixel Cup Soccer 17 is a 2D (or 2.5D) retro fast-paced arcade football game with lovely unique pixel art style, fun gameplay and a lot of content to play through. With simple […]

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GLITCHED – Prototype Demo Download

There isn’t just third wall, but a fourth wall that people like to break for some reason. GLITCHED is a 2D role-player adventure exploration game that’s set in a world of SOREN where a ‘glitch’ appears, and the hero character named Gus will become aware of you, the player. Enjoy the game’s colorful world with its […]

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Voidrunner gif

Voidrunner – Beta Sign-Up

Nobody can hear you in space, but damn is it gorgeous. Voidrunner is an online multiplayer sci-fi/space flight game that utilizes first person shooter controls, featuring RPG design elements and gorgeous visuals. There’ll be a single player campaign and online multiplayer with eleven game modes from capture the flag to “city attack”, choose your desired class […]

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Shrouded in Sanity gif

Shrouded in Sanity – Beta Access

You’re pretty much screwed if you don’t take that contract. Shrouded in Sanity is a 2D action adventure game set in a fog-filled world in an alternative 1897 setting, where you play as an badass white-long-haired looking dude who’s contracted to finding the cause of this mystery and dispel it. We covered the game when it […]

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