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V.H.S : Video.Horror.Story – Game Jam Build Download

Game jams are the best way to find simple yet effective horror games if you’re searching for an adrenaline-fueled way to void your bowels (instead of pushing really hard). That time constraint put on developers who have to build an entire packaged game based on a theme really squeezes the creativity out of them, and the result is a bunch of really uniquely terrifying games to darken your screen as you turn off the lights, and turn up the sound. V.H.S : Video.Horror.Story is a short and terrifying little slice of delicious nightmare heaven. There’s not a huge narrative behind this one, despite the word “story” in the title. Honestly, when you’re knee-deep in this simple and creepy little game world, you’re gonna care less about story and more about how to not die as you just walk down the next corridor. Ok you’ve got a little video camera and a dark office building to make your way through. You want to survive, cause it looks like the rest of your coworkers didn’t. Let’s pretend that your job had something to do with VHS video camcorders, it’s 1989 after all, everyone had them (I was just born that year and that birth was recorded on VHS, I know, weird).

So here’s the lore you’ll need to be versed on before you jump in, or don’t read this part and just play cause sometimes it’s more fun hopping in and figuring it out on your own like I did. So you have a video camera, but don’t be fooled, this is nothing like Outlast. You get no night vision and you can’t run, your character must be so scared they can hardly move. Changing the frequency on the camera can reveal two things aside from what the naked eye can see: inanimate objects like furniture, and… Other things… You’re getting tingly, I can tell, and for a good reason. There’s a bunch of tall thin creatures with a head that looks like a combination of Ickis, Oblina and Krumm from Aaahh!!!! Real Monsters. They want to eat your face, and you need to scoot by them as they make their patrols through the halls. Here’s the tricky part, when you tune your camera so that it can see the creatures and dismembered pieces of your homies on the floor, if makes the furniture disappear. So you’re gonna watch them on one frequency, then quickly switch over to reveal the furniture so you can see where you’re walking in order to dash (slowly) through the area without getting stuck on some invisible office desk. When you reveal the furniture however, the monsters become invisible. I beat it but this bit is all I’m telling you. good luck living!

Download the game jam build here or the post-jam build here.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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  1. Wow! Came here via Twitter and thought Alphabetagamer had gone through a weird facelift. Turns out it’s just a really bad copycat site! Same layout, pretty much the same name, same titles, same gifs, even the exact same games!!!! Do the Alphabetagamer guys know about this site? I’m surprised they don’t get you shut down for copyright infringement. I like Alphabetagamer too, It’s one of my fave blogs for finding games to cover on my channel, but that’s no reason to clone their entire site. Seriously guys try and come up with SOMETHING original. It’s garbage like this that clogs up the internet.

    1. Hey Suck (what’s your “channel”? ;P ), sorry to hear your displeasure with the site. Stating that Future Beta Gamer is copying ABG is shortsighted on your end. While there are definite similarities, there’s great differences between our the types of games that we cover, what we cover, our priorities, writing, content management and so on.

      Everything on our site is original sought out content that we work hard to find, gather info for and write about it. Nothing is being copied and we’re always excelling and providing more options for our readers to get information about games that are still in-development.

      We’ve been chatting with Alpha Beta Gamer for more than two years and we even worked together, and we hope to have a continued healthy relationship.

      We like covering in-development games like our friends on ABG, we like gifs (and webms/videos if you noticed), and if they cover it, then everyone is denied to do so? That’s not reasonable and twisted logic.

      If you don’t like us because of your quick judgment, then we aren’t holding you back. You’re free to never visit the site. Have an awesome gaming day =)

      1. I find it hard to believe that Alphabetagamer would be cool with this site. Weird they’re not in your friends list of you’re so friendly with them!

        Are you seriously saying that the name, layout, gifs and article titles aren’t just a direct copy of Alphabetagamer?? Sorry, but that’s absolute bullshit!

        “Everything on our site is original sought out content that we work hard to find” – It’s really not that hard to find when the majority of your content is copied from someone else. Most journalists with integrity will at least site their sources, but there’s obviously not much room for integrity at Future Beta Gamer. A copycat site is a copycat site. Don’t try to pretend you’re anything else.

        1. We’re guessing it’s fun for you throwing these baseless accusations of us steeling from other sites when you don’t have proof to back up your claims, lazy background checks on our site and what we cover, checking that there are actual source links, and having little courage with your tasteless name and not revealing yourself who you are and your “channel”.

          We didn’t have to reply to you and just delete your illogical and irresponsible comment, but we thought of respecting and humoring you as well as shedding some light on your pathetic accusations. There’s no need to reply any more on our end if still haven’t realized how weak your words are. Have a good gaming day! =)

          1. While I’m not quite as venomous about the whole thing as Mr Suck, I do have to agree that you have clearly ‘borrowed’ quite a lot from alpha beta gamer.

            It’s a shame as during the month or so I’ve followed you, you do have some genuinely good original content sometimes. But if you continue on the road you’re on, you’ll always be thought of as a pale imitation of alpha beta gamer, especially thanks to your unfortunate choice of name.

            Don’t lose heart though. Perhaps you could work on finding a way to differentiate yourselves from them? It wouldn’t be that hard, just focus on more original content, alter your layout a bit and alter the way you title the posts. Try to find your own voice and people will respond to it.

            The game’s great though!

          2. Hey Stevie,

            Glad you’ve enjoy our content, and thanks for being calm and constructive on the matter =)

            We do realise how people would see our site given the similarities such as the name and other features, and as you’ve mentioned we’re always trying to provide something different so that we can differentiate ourselves, since ABG did go live first, and we respect that.

            To break things down:

            Regarding the name, it’s not something unique with the main parts of it being used in various other websites, specifically the worlds “beta” (ex: DeathByBeta , AllGamesBeta) and “gamer” (ex: PCGamer, EuroGamer), and since we love covering and playing in-development games, and we’re gamers ourselves, choosing those words were a given, and since we went with a retro futuristic approach regarding our theme and logo, we then chose the word “future”. Combined = Future Beta Gamer.

            For the site layout, we’ve always wanted a clean ‘newest first’ style, and not the cluttered magazine style some other websites have been lately using, and we’ve been using this layout for other past websites years before FBG or ABG ever launched. Layout of choice is of personal preferences.

            Lastly, the title layout for each of our articles on the main page (X-Game-Name – Sign-up/download) have been made this way because of our thought approach with SEO in mind. (boring detail for that part, so just stopping here)

            What we currently offer more at the moment, compared to ABG aside from covering free in-development games to play or sign-up for:

            Covering paid-for/premium in-dev games. Covering news of in-dev games like early gameplay footage. Publishing interviews with developers regarding their unreleased games every now and then. video-webms! =P . Soundtracks when available. Helping developers to get work / find clients/projects to work with/for. Pimping out Youtubers with cross-promotions or just free pimping =) . Art previews (we haven’t done these in a while since they take a lot of time to make, but we’ll get back to it). That’s it as far as we can tell.

            Regarding what we’ll do in the future:
            Expanding the variety in the “news” section and what we cover in it. Expanding our options to help developers connect with Youtubers and Streamers. Upgrading the visuals of the site (just a tidy-up) as well as launching a new and improved slicker logo (and an animation for it too!). Talking with developers and providing them with options that would increase user feedback for their game. [Edit: and we’re also thinking of having preview articles of in-dev game builds that’s not available to download or testing registration]

            That’s currently what we have planned at the moment and even more improvements and additions will come.

            One improvement we’re taking into consideration after hearing your feedback is how we’ll title the articles. The current layout will stay, but we might add a personalized line after it depending on the game (ex: “Balls in Hell – Beta Demo Download. Balls Bounce Higher in Heat Apparently” or something along those lines)

            Pretty much that’s the whole gist of it, unless we missed something important to mention. Thanks for your comment, thoughts and feedback! We absolutely don’t mind hearing more thoughts and feedback from you or anyone else (as long as it’s civilized like yours) We hope to always provide you and our other readers with great content for you to read, and to know more about awesome games in development for you to test, enjoy and provide feedback for developers if you can. =)

          3. Sure, I get where you’re coming from. I’m sure you know what you’re doing and I guess you’ll always get some people who call it a copycat site due to the similarities. I actually thought future beta gamer was a spin-off site of alpha beta gamer the first time I saw it! I notice you’ve started to focus on more original content these last few days though so that’ll help differentiate the two a bit anyway.

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