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Wartile – Alpha Sign-Up

When I was a kid, I used to come up with creative ways to assemble my toys to implement new games. I’m sure a lot of kids did the same thing, thinking of how much cooler it would be to virtualize what you see before you and make something even more fun. Now take a hex-tile strategy game, power it with Unreal Engine 4, and have it play out in real time as you interact with the game pieces. At some point, the line between figurines and virtual characters is blurred, and in that, you get Wartile. Currently in development by Danish developer PlayWood Project Aps, Wartile presents beautifully rendered game boards that give life to a diverse set of game levels from rocky cliffs to dark and foreboding dungeons. The game provides an array of characters, traps and stat boosts to give the player much to consider before dragging and dropping a player piece on the board. The gameplay features no set turn order, so everything in the game is reactive to player choice. Dropping a character in the vicinity of an enemy could warrant an immediate attack then and there. Planning before action is key, and to make the encounters more interesting, the player may use cards to boost stats before a brawl breaks out.


Wartile is full of quests and objectives aside from getting caught up in battles. Planning a method of attack, while keeping objectives in mind will force players to have to strictly manage their team to keep them alive through moving them about the map in order to complete a quest. It isn’t as simple as dragging and dropping your squad all over and wiping out legions of enemies. The game has an event card feature that can throw a wrench in your gears at any time. Things might be going great for a while during a quest, but having an enemy reinforcement event card flip over could flip the script 180 on you. Wartile is in a closed alpha, so if you want in on that hexagon hopping, sword clashing action, you’ll need to click the link below to sign up.

Sign-up for the alpha here.

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