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Wave Run – Game Jam Build Download

One look at the first part of the level in Wave Run and you might be wondering why it’s not about Jet Ski’s or racing a hovercraft through water-filled courses. You’re thinking Wave Race and Hydro Thunder, which are a bit beyond the scope set in this little Global Game Jam entry. In Wave Run (and this is my uninformed interpretation without reading notes by the developer) where you play as an astronaut monkey inside of caves filled with spikes and water trying to survive. If you make it to the next checkpoint, you’re a champ, and you’re still alive (which is awesome). The little pixel monkey astronaut has a water meter, which is used to propel him by means of a water jet attached to his suit. Just think of the mechanics of F.L.U.D.D. from Super Mario Sunshine, using that little water robot as a jet pack when needed.

This 2D sidescroller action game is simple but addicting, and it’s all about trying to get through the gauntlet alive and make the best time. It’s like a time trial runner, but sometimes you’re more concerned with surviving than making the best time. When you’re basically floating above an entire cave section of spikes and the only thing you can do is keep yourself in the air, you’ll have to hope your water reservoir doesn’t run out! Wave Run takes its simple mechanics and twists them any way possible to make the most challenging experience the game will allow. The gauntlets start out fairly easy and progressively get more and more difficult. You better spend your early checkpoints practicing hover stability because you’re going to need that in the later sections of the cave!

Download the game jam build here.

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