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Yandere Simulator – Prototype Download

Yandere Simulator is a third person stealth where you play as a teenage girl who is madly in-love with a boy at school and will do anything to gain his affection, anything.

Stalk your Senpai and eliminate your rivals in love by humiliating them, destroying their reputation in school, or simply kill them. Do whatever it takes to protect your Senpai from the desires of those who peruse him without getting caught in action of eliminating them.

Think of Yandere Simulator as a Hitman game but on a whole new level, an anime level. From what we can tell, it’s a lot more in-depth as a stealth game compared to the Hitman series, and looking at the developer video blogs as they come out, it continues to add more depth.

Download the latest version of the alpha here.

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