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Yucatan – Beta Sign-Up

Everyone wants to drive into drive into a pimped-out skull’s mouth in your pimped-out car right? Yucatan is a fast-paced ‘neo-mexican space-punk’ arcade racing game with RPG and metroidvania elements. There’s a single world and a single track to drive on, presumably a very very long track.

There’ll be abilities to unlock alongside different vehicles, power-ups to pick up, and an interesting set of characters with a cool story to entertain you as you drive. Aside from that you’ll enjoy the game’s beautiful low-poly art style with vibrant colors, as we’ve been teased with, presumably a great soundtrack with intense punk, grunge and psych rock being the main theme, and generally finding yourself playing a unique racing game that isn’t quite like any of the usual.

Sign-up for the beta here.

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