Future Beta Gamer is your source for games in development. Where you’ll be able to find all games in alpha, beta or any other stage in development that you’ll be able to either download or sign-up for, or keep up to date on game development news. A helpful site for gamers and game developers.

We’ll be publishing articles showcasing games that are in development, and updating our archive of in-development games by adding and/or removing games depending on their status. We’ll also publish news relating to development updates, announcements or gameplay videos and screenshots.

Our main objective is to connect game developers with as many gamers/testers to provide them with the feedback they need to advance, fix and polish their games in all areas. Our second objective is to help provide game developers coverage and exposure from not only our selves but from other media outlets, content creators and influences. We have more objectives, but can’t fulfill it to an acceptable degree to make it official at this moment in time.

Founder: @FreakOramaXD – Co-Founder: @MrSalue

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