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Absolver – Beta Sign-Up

Update: The closed alpha test has concluded, and beta registration has been officially announced!

There isn’t a “Go to this page and register for the beta!” but we did catch one of the developers saying something along the lines of ’email us asking to participate’. Absolver is a third person online multiplayer open world fighting game where you’ll be playing as a Prospect, a masked person who has taken a sacred vow and chosen to join an elite corps of combatants named “Absolvers”, who’s objective is to maintain stability in the world.

Enjoy the game’s fluid real-time combat with four different tactical stances, different attack and defensive moves, customizable combat style as you choose a different weapon, and change/rearrange different attacks to form unique attack flows. Test out your customized new moves when you seamlessly encounter other players, or when going into dungeons with your friends and fight AI opponents in coop fashion.

Sign up for the beta on the game’s website.

Sign-up for the alpha and beta by emailing them through their website. [Tip: Be nice and polite 😉 ]

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3 thoughts to “Absolver – Beta Sign-Up”

  1. Hello guys, Thanks for the tip, when i saw your post i asked the devs to be in the beta.
    they responded today saying that i am in the diffusion list for the next beta info. idk what that means exactly but i m already glad they responded !

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