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Anti-Cast – Pre-Alpha Demo Download

Before you waltz into the world of Anti-Cast, be warned that it is anything but mundane, and everything may not be as it seems. What appears to be a normal walk in the park could be a facade hiding the seeds sewn long ago that are only just beginning to bloom. Beginning in Leon’s dream, you’ll learn how he was treated in his past, and get a faint glimpse of what life was like for him as a primary student. After being threatened by a stranger whose son was being prosecuted by Leon’s mother, Leon is rescued by an upperclassman. She wards off the creep and her shadowed face is the last image before the end of this dream phase. Now Leon is older, an upperclassman himself, yet things don’t seem any easier. Taking a walk around school before the bell rings, it’s quite obvious there’s something hanging over the student’s heads. Though as I said in the beginning, this segment you’re experiencing might not be what it seems.

In Anti-Cast, the player will explore a cel-shaded world in 3rd-person, puzzle solving gameplay with a great narrative. The game is in alpha, so there are bugs and barebones content, however the game world and story are surprisingly immersive if you can shrug off the unpolished parts. The core of the gameplay revolves around uncovering the story behind what’s going on in the world of Anti-Cast, but a closer inspection of the objects will reveal even more. Should the player choose to check everything they can, some more narrative may be found, giving more detail and depth to the world and its characters. There are also bonus unlockables to be discovered, well-hidden throughout the game. Collecting them will reveal a final cutscene. Anti-Cast might be an alpha with bare minimum as far as visuals, but the concept is well-established, and it’s an experience that can’t be missed. Involving story, interesting scenes to play out and mystery woven into every stitch of time. Anti-Cast is going to bloom into a great story-driven adventure puzzle title.

Download the alpha demo here.

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