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Antigraviator – Alpha Demo Download

Antigraviator started out as a student project, but the development moved beyond that after the game picked up a few accolades and entered a few contests. This is a 3rd person hovercraft race game comparable to the likes of F-Zero, with the exciting track-hugging, boost til you can’t see the environment kind of action. In a futuristic, eye-catching city environment, the tracks are set, and you’ll boost through them as fast as you can to get the best time. The ship does have a limited hull integrity, so you’re going to need to pull off those turns just right or you’re toast! There is a thruster and barrel roll function on the ship, aside from just accelerating and turning. The boost seems to have unlimited reserves, and the barrel roll can only really save you if you’re about to hit the wall on a winding turn, and you need a quick dash to the side to avoid that collision!

The current alpha has one track with a time trial or 2-player split screen mode. The game is slated for a potential twelve tracks across different worlds, and three ship types that allow customization with interchangeable parts. There are pickups that can allow the player to fire rockets, collapse parts of the track, and even clutter up the field making it more difficult to catch up. Right now, it looks like all that content isn’t available in the alpha, but there is a track that’s a great introduction to the game. Antigraviator features controller support, however it seems like the ship turns very slowly, making almost every turn a challenge. Even still, the game is a thrill ride, and will be much more exciting when the new maps and features drop!

Download the alpha demo on the game’s website or on indiedb.

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