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Apple and Worm: Patching Holes In Spacetime – Alpha Demo Download

I hope you’re more prepared for disorienting puzzles than I was when I blindly jumped into Apple and Worm! I thought I was going to be a cute apple running around jumping on platforms and hopping into a black hole. I was wrong, there’s a series of puzzling obstacles you need to clear before you jump into that ominous black hole at the end of each level. This puzzle platformer is based on a mechanic that flips the entire world around in 90 degree increments. Certain parts of the level will have some angle guidelines that look like a spiderweb that, when the player passes through it, will flip the level around. Now every part of that map has become something different, and traversing this place will have to be done a different way!

The game begins with a very simple level that you can simply walk through. But the challenge is expertly increased at a good pace as the player progresses. Now the level flipping is just a mechanic, not an obstacle all the time, so the thing you really need to watch will be the level props. There are a bunch of different environment props that will either need to be manipulated or used in some way to get through the puzzles. Rotating boxes that flip in one 90 degree increment the moment you jump off of them don’t sound intimidating. But when 2/4 of the edges of the box are covered in deadly spikes, you need to figure out a sequence of leaping on them that works after you’ve flipped the world. Apple and Worm: Patching Holes in Spacetime is a unique adventure with adorable art and super challenging gameplay!

Download the alpha demo on Gamejolt.

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