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Ary and the Secret of Seasons – Beta Sign-Up

Aryelle, the daughter of the guardian of winter, is gonna grow up quick because in a world where the planet’s seasons have been compromised, someone has to rise up and set things right. In this 3rd person adventure game, players will find themselves the chosen one who will join the Guardians of Seasons, an old order set in place to defend the very intricate workings of the planet Valdi. Traditionally, only men would be allowed into the order, but an unfortunate event caused Ary to take what was originally her brother’s place. What kind of force has the power to throw off the balance of the seasons on this planet? How will Ary know who she’s fighting? By joining the Guardians of Seasons, venturing through Valdi and questing onward, Ary will come to know what challenge lies at the end, but will her courage and self-motivation leave her victorious?

In Ary and the Secret of Seasons, the player will be traveling the lands of Valdi, fighting creatures and other hostiles while using her powers to alter the local area’s weather essentially. No, this power she wields isn’t enough to cure what has caused Valdi to be thrown off balance, however it is enough to change the season in a small area around her in order to solve environmental puzzles. Logical thinking, skillful combat and perseverance will be key in making it through to discover the secret behind this mysterious event. She won’t be alone however, as her quest will be endured by the Guardians of Seasons, a group of wise and skilled mages. Currently, beta sign-ups have opened for Ary and the Secret of Seasons, and can be found through the link below!

Sign-up for the beta here.

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