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Astroneer – Pre-Alpha Access

There’s a lot to be said about Astroneer by System Era Softworks. It’s difficult to find a place to start. How about landing a space pod on a planet that can be shaped to your liking? Now that our pod has launched, let’s take a moment to set the stage. It’s the 25th century, and we’re essentially gold miners in space. Remember the frontier in the wild west where a bunch of people decided to invade and deface almost 1/8th of North America in the pursuit of capitalism? Well we’re doing it in space, on other planets, so it’s ok. We’re assuming the role of a cute little astronaut, with a terrain gun that can literally squish and squash any bit of this planet. Now we’re already terraforming, off to a great start by the looks of things! What better way to make discoveries than by tearing something apart and ripping out its insides? That’s what I always say, so let’s dig in and see what we find. On our little backpack, we can store some chunks of material, and craft things as well. Hopefully you already got the memo, you know, that we can’t breathe on this planet? So don’t forget to stay connected to your pod for oxygen generation. If you really feel the need, you can place tethers and extend your exploration range, should you want to travel more than four or five meters from your pod. Now that we can reach that patch of embedded compound, you can collect it by tearing apart the ground with your terrain gun and exposing that sweet sweet material.

There’s more to this little trip than just collecting a bunch of space junk and molding it into cute little settlements spread out from your pod. It looks like there’s a dust storm kicking up, and instead of watching this terror build up on the horizon, we might want to dig underground to escape it. Watch your step though, because if you’re not careful you might dig into a subterranean tunnel system! It’s like a whole different world underneath, and from the green stinky rivers to the goop plants and seemingly toxic flora, I don’t think it’s a good idea to stick around. If you’re brave enough, you can throw down some tethers and venture forth. But remember to dig a ramp out before you go too far, I’m not sure if anything lives down here. And judging by the hostility of the natural composition down here, I’ll assume anything living here is brutal enough to survive in this environment. You never know when and if you’ll need an out, so always create one just in case. I have to admit, I kind of just jumped into this program without thinking or knowing what it entails. And I have to say, I could probably keep on exploring for hours just to see what this world has to offer. In only a short amount of time, I found quite a bit of anomalies aside from the resources I sought out to expand my settlement. If building a little space outpost isn’t enough to keep you throwing down tethers, creating camps and pushing forward into the unknown, then seeking out remnants of other space craft and satellites might pique your interest. There’s plenty to do, and molding the terrain with a little gun is a surprisingly addicting game mechanic that sets the pace for your adventures. I thought this trip was going to be easy, casual and solitary. But I have a feeling that this open world of exploration and crafting paradise might yield more than the riches we came here for.

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