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Bad Mood – Prototype Download

Before you even think about entering the world of Bad Mood, there’s something you need to do first. Whether you want to survive as the good guy or play overlord as the bad guy, you must do one thing to prepare. You need to GET MAD! Bad Mood is a dystopian paradise draped in 80’s era influence from the neon lights to the synth soundtrack. In a sort of tower defense/FPS gameplay, one player will try to survive this totalitarian cityscape while the other player will do everything they can to stop them. As the “good guy” makes their way through the map, the “bad guy” will spawn in enemies and traps in an attempt to end their little run. Essentially, Bad Mood mixes a survival deathmatch style mechanic with a tower defense objective. Don’t let the player survive and reach the exit or the bad guy loses. The good guy will have to fight wave after wave of terrible foes that can spawn anywhere any time.

In the beginning of the match, the available weapons are fairly basic, the good guy gets a pistol and shotgun, the bad guy can spawn armed guards or slashers. Each type of enemy the bad guy can spawn will have different characteristics and method of attack. As the game progresses and the good guy keeps surviving, the weapons go up in scale, but so do the available enemy units the bad guy can spawn. There are health ammo, and armor pickups, but the player may also grab speed boosts, damage multipliers and hack terminals which give an added bonus as well. Eventually, the game escalates and the action intensifies. As the match lengthens, the good guy will be double jumping and firing off double mini-guns at hordes of tank robots, kamikaze drones, turret emplacements and tons of guards and slashers. It gets crazy, and this is only the prototype. Right now, players can square off against each other or play solo mode as the good guy and fight waves of enemies in single player or survival mode.

Download the prototype build here.

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