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BATTLECREW Space Pirates – Beta Sign-Up

The year 2460… We’re space pirates and we love grabbin booty so you better have your weapons. Wait I meant grab your weapons cause we love stealing booty. Oh, and another thing, we love to fight! Battlecrew Space Pirates, man what a crazy explosive fight for treasure in outer space. Even better, we get to play as extremely charismatic group of space pirates from humans to cats and others. In this team-based side scroller action game, you’ll be facing off against equally awesome groups of pirates in an attempt to steal the most gold and waste all who stand in your way. Each of the characters in the game has a special set of skills of course, and choosing the right one to fit your play style will make all the difference between getting good or getting wrecked.

Beyond the provided levels and game content, more environments and player taunts can be unlocked through playing more and more. Just an added incentive for consecutively destroying any team you come up against! In between fights, you’ll dock at space station Tortuga (that’s actually Spanish for turtle) which will serve as the hub in Battlecrew. Here, you’ll recruit new members and mingle with the nastiest, classiest and baddest buccaneers in the galaxy. This isn’t just a pick up and play battle arena, you’ll be tracking scores online and probably bickering with other pirates online to see who stole the most gold or killed the most pirates, something many of us already do on the daily (right after I check my stocks). There’s a lot more to see than just what’s described here, and if you’re ready to take off and join the best (and worst) of them online, then register below!

Sign-up for the beta here.

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