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BestLuck – Prototype Download

BestLuck is an early look at what is going to be an interestingly haunting and mysterious puzzle adventure game. The prototype is very short, but it shows the obscure beginning of a strange experience, one that most of us can relate to. Nightmares and strange dreams forever plague the human mind, sometimes you wake up terrified, other times perhaps you’ll be deep in thought about what you just saw. The player character in BestLuck has a recurring dream of a girl who is always pointing in some direction as if telling him to find something. On the particular night the player begins the game, he finally decides to figure out what it is that she’s trying to show him.

As the player enters the dream, they’ll find themselves in a moonlit forest, in the presence of the girl’s spirit floating around him, raising her arm to direct him toward the anomaly. What they’ll find is a puzzle of doors, standing in the middle of the woods. Now, the appearance of doors without walls typically have a connection with the otherworld. The mind is attributing some material object to the supernatural threshold that spirits pass through, and basically, a door that can take you between worlds. If the player stares through the doorway once it’s opened, they’ll find that moving side to side, the doorway shows something else that’s not actually there if you were to run around the physical frame of the door. This is the basis for the puzzles present in the early prototype, and there’s some symbolic imagery throughout the game world. What you have here, is the start of a strange adventure, between worlds, with an obscure ending.

Download the prototype build here.

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