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Bob & Bernard Against the Nazis – Game Jam Build Download

These LD37 jam games are getting more and more strange as I go through them. Bob & Bernard Against the Nazis is just, ridiculous in concept, but those are my favorite kinds of games. Just talking content, in this little side-scrolling shooter, you play as Bob, who is hiding a whale named Bernard from the Nazi’s (which strike no historical resemblance to Adolf’s party). Wave after wave, you defend this immoblilized Cetacean from a bunch of jerks who come into what I’m assuming is Bob’s home and throw what looks like soda cans at him (if they’re soda cans, the commentary on oceanic pollution is quite subtle). Bob takes no damage, so you never have to worry about getting hurt. But Bernard on the other hand, well, he’s dehydrating and doesn’t like soda being thrown at him or taking a buckshot to the Caudal Pendacles (that’s essentially the nether region of a whale).  Run across Bernard’s back to either side of him to blast away his assailants who obviously care not about wildlife conservation. After clearing a wave, you get a small amount of time to either run to the sink to get water to pour on him (healing him) or jump online to order a new gun on Ebay (I told you it was weird). Watch out for whale puns in the dialogue.


The Ebay gun market is booming, you can get an AK, shotgun and a bazooka, just don’t pop one off in Bernard’s face, that hurts him believe it or not. Coins are collected from fallen Nazis and take a little while to save up. Bob & Bernard Against the Nazis is a short arcade style shooter with a unique theme and silly characters. The enemies could have been replaced with a less-controversial faction and still made sense (sort of), however the shock factor in the title is hysterical and the developer approached the design with tact. This addicting little jam entry is a hilariously good time and in those moments between blasting away foes, you’ll probably crack up every time you remember you’re running over the back of a whale named Bernard trying to keep him saturated and safe from the Gestapo and friends.

Download the game jam build here.

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