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Bootleg Systems – Pre-Alpha Demo Download

Logan Blake, an agent in a dystopian, 23rd century world has been assigned to investigating an outbreak of breaches in a worldwide AI system that has been installed to maintain what is left of human intelligence. In a world where humans can no longer safely inhabit in their physical forms, everything has been converted to artificial intelligence for the time being until humanity can find a way to once again exist in corporeal form. But once you get a taste of the world the Bootleg Systems has to offer, you may question whether or not reverting back to the old existence is the right one… In this first-person shooter, your best ally is the tool that you’ll be using to interact with the world. A clone gun allowing you to scan objects in the environment and use them as ammo to launch at objects and enemies to solve puzzles or survive. Each item has a different weight, therefore affecting their impact on certain structures such as robots and glass panes. Try shooting toilet paper loaves at a flying drone, I dare you.

The visuals in the game are excellently designed, and quite unique in appearance. There’s a post process effect that immerses the player in a dangerous yet inviting world. Bootleg Systems requires a minimum of 2GB GPU, as it’s quite demanding even at the lowest settings, so prepare yourself. This is an alpha, and does require a bit more optimizing, so be aware of the requirements before expecting a 60 fps experience. You may need a good amount of power to run the game smoothly, this was my only issue running the game. Bootleg Systems has a unique concept, and great potential. The current build does a great job introducing players to the world, and it’s easy to tell at this point that the game will only grow into something even more awe-inspiring.

Download the pre-alpha demo here.

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