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Byte Sized Heroes – Pre-Alpha Download

Byte Sized Heroes is a solo project currently available through itch.io. Heavily inspired by Mega Man with some Halo: Combat Evolved influence in level design, BSH is meant to be an online competitive IP that doesn’t take a lot of CPU to run. The game is portrayed in pixel art graphics and has a very limited amount of content in the current alpha build. Right now, the available download could serve no more than an inside look at how the game plays so far. Art and animations are neat, and the soundtrack is great so far. However there isn’t enough content to get very far into a session.

The user interface seems to have some issues, but the strange part is that the bugs aren’t always consistent. Sometimes you may have an issue, other times you might not. The game opens up in a chat room with no prompt as to what you’re supposed to do. If you hit enter, the game begins and the player is dropped into a level on what looks like a Forerunner Beam Emitter structure, and can run back and forth between two structures. Between the two, there’s a metal bridge that looks like it can be opened, however the floating rings that look like switches can’t be activated. Or at least I couldn’t figure it out. The player has a neat energy blade melee attack, however using it while dashing may cause the character sprite to freeze and in some cases deactivate player input. Despite the setbacks, which are understandable given that this was developed by one person working a day job to make ends meet (like most of us indie devs), the game has a unique style and atmosphere, and is worth keeping up with in the future! For updates on the project, the developer can be followed on Twitter.

Download the pre-alpha build here.

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