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Card Thief – Beta Sign-Up

Mobile developer Tinytouchtales is currently stacking their deck to infuse stealth-based gameplay into the classic card game Solitaire for iOS and Android. Sounds a little difficult of an undertaking, considering the limited space of 9 cards on the table and the small variety of card types, however this mobile card game achieves exactly what it claims to. Inspired by the first-person stealth title Thief by Looking Glass Studios, Card Thief challenges players to move the thief card in a single-line path along the other 8 cards on the table. The object is to swipe the treasure and escape while avoiding guards and grabbing other loot on the way out. The game runs until the deck deals the exit card at the end, so swiping gold, taking out guards and nabbing stealth points will expire the deck, as each move will knock out the cards the thief touches. Each round will deal new cards to fill in the empty spaces, resetting the field and plotting out which direction the guards are facing. Torch cards are also in place to illuminate surrounding cards, so anything that isn’t near a torch will be in the shadows, allowing the thief to move about undetected. Stealth points may be acquired and spent in order to sneak by guards unnoticed.

The gameplay of Card Thief is simplistic enough to provide addicting gameplay, but builds just enough depth and complexity to last for short yet engrossing play sessions. An entire deck of cards is considered a heist, or game session. Each heist allows the player to bring along three equipment cards which may be used in situations that seem completely hopeless. A rope card may be played to switch the thief with another neighboring card. A cloak gives extra stealth points for spending in those moments where you don’t exactly have the embrace of the shadows as concealment from the guards. The proposed concept of stealth-based Solitaire is an enticing idea for mobile, one that Card Thief excellently illustrates. Beta testing sessions are scheduled for opening by the developer’s discretion. The last one just closed, however more sessions are planned for the future, and updates can be tracked on the game’s Twitter. A sign-up link for the beta can be found below.

Sign-up for the beta here.

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