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Caveblazers – Alpha Access

Will you conquer the cave or fail like the others that came before you? Caveblazers is a 2D action adventure roguelike platformer that’s set in a fantasy setting, where you play as an adventurer out of many who seek to conquer a cave that’s said to hold unimaginable power.

The gameplay is pretty smooth and fun with procedurally generation levels, great melee and ranged combat with a charming pixel art style covered with an awesome soundtrack. The interesting part about the game aside from its general gameplay and satisfying progression system, the AI in it is astounding and we haven’t seen anything quite like it any other game before, unless we missed it.

That part of the game is described as “Pseudo-Multiplayer” where the developers have implemented AI controlled players in the sense that they take the form of a player and have have their behavior randomized. Meaning that some will directly attack you, others will escape from you and some will help you along your journey, and each of those AI-players have their own objective/agenda like you do.

Because of this newly introduced and implemented element, each play-session in this type of game became incredibly interesting and exciting to the point where we’d continue to play it just to see to what extent do the “players” advance within this truly fascinating game.

Get alpha beta access with the full game here.

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