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Caveman Warriors – Pre-Beta Demo Download

Platformers are probably one of the most popular genres you can find in the indie scene, given their simplicity. It takes a lot of garnishing to add enough to a this type of game to make it stand out among the basic “jump over the holes and grab the coins” layout of gameplay. In Caveman Warriors, you get a little bit of everything you love from all types of platformers. Just from the start, I felt a little Donkey Kong Country, a little Super Mario Bros. and even a dash of Tomba!, believe it or not. You get to select from four different characters each with a unique set of attacks. The game gives you a straightforward goal, rescue your cavebabies that have been cavenapped by cavenapping aliens. Now you need to make your way through other cavepeople dwellings in an attempt to chase down those jerkwad aliens.

Caveman Warriors gives you more than running and jumping with your characters. You get a single or high jump, then basic and power attacks. Each of the cave warriors has a unique weapon, all of which perform differently in combat. One character throws her spear, while another just does an incredibly powerful swing, and so on. You can switch between characters at any given time, allowing for a more tactical approach at certain parts that might be giving you trouble. You have health and stamina, so you’ll need to keep watch. Spend all your stamina and your character will need to rest for a couple seconds, leaving them vulnerable. The game world is inviting, music sounds perfect and the whole package feels complete and unique given that this is only an alpha. You can only play the first level, with an intense and challenging boss fight at the end, so do your best to preserve your lives, lest you lose them all and have to restart the level all over again! The rest of the game is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, and a link can be found below!

Download the alpha demo on itch.io.

Help the game get funded on Kickstarter.


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