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Celaria – Alpha Download

Robot raptor parkour in minimalist city, it’s my little summary of Celaria in just a few words. But you need to know a little more than that, right? The game does a great job capturing that Mirror’s Edge atmosphere that DICE instilled in the original game. Celaria of course, stands on its own, and has established a smooth gameplay that allows the player to skillfully clear obstacles, and feel accomplished afterwards. Celaria uses a small amount of textures, giving the game a very barebones simulation feeling, however in this alpha, it’s not the art that’s the focus, it’s getting the game mechanics down pat. So far, it feels pretty solid, and there’s a good variety of maps to run through and challenge yourself with.

The alpha has a good amount of trial maps available, varying in difficulty and trust me, it gets pretty tough. The player may run, jump, slide and wall run through these large maps, and there are a few different types of surfaces that influence the player’s movements. The basic surface is white, and makes up the majority of the levels. The yellow surfaces will boost your speed as you run along them. Green surfaces significantly boost your jump height, and blue surfaces act like ice, reducing the friction between the player and the ground. As with the regular surface, precise timing must be employed because even with the boost, your margin for making the correct landing is just as small, and you can easily over shoot your target. Celaria is a great foundation for a wicked fun game, and the challenge presented in the alpha is extremely difficult, so get practicing and learn how this raptor moves!

Download the alpha build on itch.io.

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