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Celestial Breach – Pre-Alpha Sign-Up

It’s been a while since we got a really nice flight combat game. Celestial Breach is an online multiplayer coop arcade flight combat game set in a sci-fi setting, that’s focused on nice coop play as you go up against enemy NPCs. You can play the game solo if you want too.

The game is trying to deliver an old school arcade feel to the game while still being fresh by providing the mention coop mode, a variety of weapons, abilities and gameplay mechanics, and it’s set in a type of game mode where you restart from the very first level each time you start the game or die, while still keeping it interesting with enough diversity to make every play session entertaining.

A handful of of unique aircraft classes to choose from, upgrade options to apply to your aircraft, a variety of enemies to face and currently three objectives to finish in a single level with more to come.

Sign-up for the pre-alpha here.

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