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Crime Wave City – Game Jam Build Download

There are many ways to deal with lawbreakers. We have police, vigilantes, bounty hunters, etc. Then there’s Special Agent Speedy McJumpGrab, who has a very special way of catching jewel thieves in Crime Wave City. This is a 3rd person driving action game, sort of, where the player gets notifications via dispatch radio when there’s a crime in progress. Security must be pretty light, cause this town is suffering from a wave of jewelry theft big time. Speedy McJumpGrab looks like your everyday beat patrol in his blues, but don’t mistake him for your everyday five-o. When a crime in progress is reported, the store being robbed is marked on your map. The thing you have to watch out for is the thief escaping and dropping a line of loot leading you to where they’re at. Catch them before they escape the city or you’re going to be a sad cop.

The game isn’t as easy as you’d think, given its simple controls. You drive what I’m assuming is a big wheels car that makes you look like a three-year-old’s toy, and when you spot the perp you’ll stop that car dead and launch Speedy McJumpGrab forward in an attempt to tackle them. Don’t miss, cause then you have to swing that car around and try again. Collecting loot will also give you points, and that’s all that really matters, right? After making an arrest, another crime will be committed and you’ll have to chase that burglar down too. I said the game isn’t easy, and that’s because your little baby car goes 200mph zipping down the streets of Brighton slamming into sidewalk curbs along the way. Try to get a saddle on that obviously dyna-tuned big wheels car or you’re just gonna be flinging Speedy into the level geometry.

Download the prototype build.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.


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