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Crowfall – Pre-Alpha Access

We wrote about Crowfall a little while ago, but now we got our hands on it with a better understanding on how some of its systems work and the overall quality and experience its trying to deliver.

The current version of the game that we’ve played provided a big battle ground, where players select their class/character and are then put in different groups/factions, waging war with each other with the aim of trying to take control of certain areas by killing the creatures and monsters it holds. With every kill some loot drop that will be fitting for your class or your battle buddies, giving your battles self progression. An interesting game mode to we’d hope to see be implemented in the greater scale the game will provide.

The gameplay is in the vein of real-time action combat with a robust system where you’ll activate different abilities depending on the sequence of attacks you take, with each character having their own unique abilities and play-style. This type gameplay style with its systems will give you a sense of challenge and investment towards your character.

Get pre-alpha access with the full game here.

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