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CUBOTS – Alpha and Beta Sign-Up

Upcoming low-poly cube puzzler Cubots is currently running a voting campaign on Steam Greenlight. Boasting a unique combination of grid-style movement, object morphing abilities and eye-catching game levels, this isometric block-tumbling puzzle title is already making waves. In Cubots, players will take control of a cube that can roll in any direction the player chooses, given that there aren’t obstacles in the way. In order to complete the puzzles, you’ll have to traverse the levels, manipulate objects and figure out how to trigger the way to the end goal. You’re not the only sentient cube in the world, as there are tons of other cubes with loads of special abilities that want to stop you from reaching your goal. Who knew that cubes could be so rude? Flying, teleporting and even morphing, other cubes will use their special abilities to stop you in your tracks. Good thing there are environment props you can use to your advantage, like cages and water hazards.

So the goal is to get the blue cube to the finish line by pushing that little useless block around the map. Other cubes are going to bully the blue cube and slow down your progression toward the end. Not quite sure if there’s a backstory behind why the blue cube can’t simply roll itself to the end (I’m sure the player cube has better things to do with its time), but if there isn’t, here’s hoping there will be fan theories after the game is released. Morphing powers can be used to turn red cubes into blue ones, so hopefully if you happen to lose track of your little friend, you can just change another cube’s color and push that one to the end! The game provides the tools and methods, now it’s up to you to find a way to push that cube to the end. It’s more immersive than it sounds, the concept might be simple but the world is eye candy and the gameplay will be much more intricate and complicated the further you roll your box-shaped body into the game. Currently, there’s an alpha/beta signup on their Steam page, linked below. In order to sign up, simply log in with your Steam account and leave a comment on the announcement!

Sign-up for the alpha and beta here.

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