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Dead Metal Punks – Prototype Demo Download

Dead Metal Punks has a unique design and awesome gameplay, but there’s a familiarity to the mechanics of this side scrolling shooter. The word I’m thinking of is bullet hell. Usually, it’s that vertical shooter where you’re some aircraft or anime girl sliding side to side shooting at the seemingly endless foes that appear on screen, swooping in sending projectiles of varying speeds towards you. In Dead Metal Punks, players take point as a scrapper in a bouncy tank made of junk, riding down a dusty road trying to make it to a secret base. The leader is trying to stop you, and sends wave after wave of aircraft to bomb your tank as you hop, hover and shoot your way to the base. The tank can be upgraded with different weapons by collecting enough scrap to trade for them, but you’re going to get to that way later.

The first boss is terrifying to say the least, a stark contrast to the rest of the character and vehicle designs in the game. Getting past it will take a lot of patience and dodging, because you’ll be stuck there for a while hopping around and shooting it to death. This thing has a ridiculous amount of HP, so don’t think you bugged the game when you’ve been sitting there for a couple minutes like “why isn’t this thing dead?”. Once you get past that into the base, the camera is up closer and you’re running around as your scrapper with a handgun. Now you’re shooting your way through this weird and awesome base filled with robots, lame guard soldiers and giant waving robot arms in the background (I have yet to figure out what that’s about but it’s scary nonetheless). There are different gun pickups if you’re the kind of player who searches every corner, tests if you can jump down that hole without dying, etc. Run, shoot and collect junk to fuel your fight against whoever these jerks are because you’re gonna need a lot of firepower! Grab the demo by following the link below, or if you’re short on time, just check out some gameplay!

Download the prototype demo here.

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