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Dead Static Drive – Pre-Alpha Sign-Up

If the end is near, then we’d have some solace enjoying the game’s beautiful art style. Dead Static Drive is a top-down open world horror road-trip adventure RPG, set in the 1980s where you try to stop the end of the world. A game about exploring, investigating and driving around. Described best as “Grand Theft Cthulhu” which would hold great weight for the quality of the journey we’ll soon experience.

Fancy cars to bust open and drive with the assumption that they’ll drive like a dream considering the footage. You’ll end up with a different character each time you die and respawn again, with nice clothing most of the time, and you’re on a journey to meet and and find your parent if they’re not already dead, but along the way you’ll have different encounters meeting people, making friends or enemies, dealing with the threats that roams the lands, taking different decisions for each playthrough and learning more about the game’s story, which from the looks of it seems extremely interesting.

Sign-up for the pre-alpha here.

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    1. You can’t download it at the moment. You can only sign-up to have a chance to participate in testing the pre-alpha version of the game when and if available in the future.

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