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Diode – Prototype Download

Diode (Project Diode) is a third person action adventure game where you play as a badass looking dude with a sword, shield and a gun as you battle against some bots and aiding the what seems to be the staff of an area. You can also shrink in size and hop in a spider-like bot.

While looking incredibly gorgeous  the game is still a prototype with ideas of what the game will be still coming together. Almost everything in this build is a placeholder, and the developers are working on the core features and mechanics, and they’re looking for feedback for each new build.

So far the whole current package is amazing and we can’t wait for the game to get more and more fleshed out and releasing to what seems like an awesome game with fun gameplay mechanics and super sweet visuals/visual-effects.

Download the prototype build here.

Played it? We’d love to know what you thought about it.

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