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Don’t Do That – Game Jam Build Download

Just when I’m about to perform a ritual and collect all my food scattered throughout my magical library, someone opened a bag of cats and set them loose in my arcaneum. Or are they my cats? Why do I have so many cats? And why am I throwing all their food into a cauldron to complete a ritual? These questions and more will plague the mind of the player in Don’t Do That, a point and click puzzle-y sort of maze game. The player will navigate their wizard through a library to collect pieces of food on the ground and throw them in your cauldron, and avoid cats who apparently want to kill you (so maybe they’re not my cats?). This Global Game Jam entry is a cute product of 48 hours and has 12 difficulty settings. The higher the difficulty the more food you have to collect.

The game isn’t too difficult but it’s a fun challenge. I beat the highest difficulty and it wasn’t impossible, or maybe I’m really good at collecting rotting food and avoiding cats (I have 6 irl). There’s no rotting food in my library, but if there was, I’d throw it in a cauldron in a heartbeat to summon a demon. The more cats, the tougher it is to walk around the library without getting maimed, good thing there are spells and distractions you can use! There’s a slow spell that turns all the cats into snails, that one’s pretty cool. You can throw a mouse toy down to distract the cats, or use a sleep spell to knock them all out. Then there’s one other option if you run out of mana. You can blow them up with a bomb. I wasn’t cruel enough to try this, so I’m not sure what it does to the cats, but I’m sure 90% or more of you will test that one out cause blowing up things in games is what our generation is founded on.

Download the prototype build.

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