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Donut Wrangler – Prototype Download

“Hey Mr. Doughnut Man! Who’s trying to kill you?” “I don’t know but they better not!” Playing Donut Wrangler, I couldn’t help but compare myself to Garth in Wayne’s World sitting alone playing with the doughnuts at the diner. Instead of making dinosaurs out of doughnuts and toothpicks, I’m stabbing them with a fork and flipping them over a crate to see how high I can fling them. What has my life come to? It’s so easy to lose track of time if you empty your head and use what Bethesda taught us, how to fling game props around my colliding physics based objects in just the right angle. In this doughnut flipping sim, players will take control of a fork that, instead of raising and lowering at your command, can only run around, jump and stab into doughnuts in order to roll them around.

In the beginning, I thought the object was to flip them all in the box, it’s called Donut Wrangler after all. There’s also a little flag kind of like the one at the end of a Super Mario level that keeps track of the highest altitude you’ve reached. After my first play through, I discovered even more about this game that simulates something that would have won me a beating as a kid. Every time you remove a doughnut from the box, a new one appears. Try to stack them up to reach a good height to jump from, and you’ve got Twitter bragging rights in the Donut Wrangler community. But wait, that’s not all! Apparently there’s a secret gold doughnut according to the developer, that can randomly spawn. Isn’t that enough incentive to get out there and fling your breakfast around the table?

Download the prototype demo here.

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