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Drone Swarm – Pre-Alpha Sign-Up

When Earth is threatened by a fleet of drones from an unknown source, what can we possibly do to counter that? As the planet is rendered nearly inhabitable, a solution is enacted just in time before it was too late. The people found a way to control the swarm of drones with a mothership, and now that they’ve stopped them from destroying our home right before we were wiped out, we must find a new home to call our own. Unfortunately, the rest of the universe isn’t so understanding of our situation, and compassion is a commodity so hard to find in the deep, dark reaches of space. However now that we’re in command of the Drone Swarm, perhaps we can convince those who stand in our way.

You’ve played real time strategy games before, for those of us who aren’t deeply in love with them, we still can’t deny how addicting they are no matter what form they’re in. Typically, you harvest resources, perform research and build your fleet up from the most basic level until you can construct larger, more formidable units. Drone Swarm is a little different. Instead of creating and building an army of your own, you start out with one, a swarm of tiny destruction-bringing machines. These bite-sized terrors act as if they were one sentient being, working together to create walls, battering rams and other formations that can bring the largest flagship or destroyer to its smoldering drive core. The fluid motion of the drones is a marvel to behold, and there are many ways you can utilize them to lay waste to other fleets. Use them to create barriers to block incoming attacks, crumple them up into a ball and send them through the hull of another ship or set the battlefield alight by detonating them. As you search for a new home planet, you’ll be controlling the swarm, upgrading their abilities and functions and tearing apart your foes. This unique RTS is open for alpha sign up, so don’t miss out on this one!

Sign-up for the pre-alpha and alpha. [Pre-alpha testing will begin around the end of February]

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