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Dusk – Pre-Alpha Download

More and more ‘indie’ games are coming out that calls back classic games of any genre, and this game is a very strong one. Dusk is a first person retro-themed first person fast-paced arcade shooter that’s inspired by classic shooters from the mid to late 90s like Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D and so many more.

Aside from just drooling over its visuals and kickass soundtrack, you’ll enjoy some quality hand-crafted level design with simple yet entertaining interactions, rewarding you for exploring them and everything you find from items to enemies is carefully and purposely placed in a specific area.

This current build is very rough and just a test level to see how the gameplay from controls and weapons feel and how levels and other interactions work out, but never the less it’s a a great small taste for what’s to come.

Download the pre-alpha test build here.

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