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Fort Triumph – Pre-Alpha Demo Download

Anyone who has played XCOM 2 will remember the frustration when one shot that would have taken out the Sectoid trying to kill your support, would end up missing and then a domino effect would occur that would cause the entire mission to fail and all of your units end up dead, and the sense of victory when the opposite happens. You kill the Sectoid which was controlling one of your units and a zombie and both were released from his grasp and you were able to sweep the rest of the enemies. These sort of games can be an emotional roller coaster and will have a player loading a quick save more often than actually quick saving. Well a tactical RPG called Fort Triumph is now on Square Enix Collective! You control a group of medieval characters and have to fight through various enemies to reach your objectives.

You have to use your environment to get a one-up over your opponents. You can hide behind cover to keep your characters safe from arrows and magic or you can use the environment as your weapon, by pushing objects over onto enemies to kill them and possibly create a new path for your characters to follow. The characters themselves and an array of abilities and moves that they can perform to fight against the hoards of enemies. The knight has the ability to buff himself to take hits as well as kick small objects at enemies to either remove cover or smash into the enemy for damage. The mages can attack from long range with their magic and can move much larger objects or send enemies flying backwards. Archers are also long range and can use stealth to sneak around enemies and get the drop on them. There are to be many more characters and as you play through the game, you can level them up and get them new skills to give an edge in battle. The art style used for the game as well as the epic music playing during battles really gives the game it’s own feel and makes me excited for what the developers will go with the game in time.

Download the pre-alpha demo on the game’s Kickstarter page.

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